The Inspiration And Hope Behind Nacee’s New Song


A new song titled “Aseda” (Thanksgiving) has just been released by Gospel singer Nacee. For some days now, the song has been all over the place, ‘infiltrating’ the hearts and brains of for all intents and purposes everybody, especially the people with a bit of emotions.

The song talks about challenges and struggles in life that eventually leads to success by the unmerited divine assistance from God. Obviously, you may have heard several songs with this title that are quite similar, but “Aseda” is a unique song with some sort of power you can’t resist.

The song has a tendency to make you like it, no matter what religion you practice. Similar to the canticle of canticles, a good song has a lot of abstract quality, and Nacee’s new ‘Aseda‘ is no exception.

The song’s catchy verses, flawless composition, perfect lyrics, melodious sound, instrumentation, and vocal prowess speak for itself from the beginning to the end. Nacee has always demonstrated high-quality vocals and well-written lyrics.

As a music producer, Nacee has at any rate, been charged by many people to produce only the best and highest quality. But that’s not the case for other producers. There have been a number of producers who occasionally fail as musicians.

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The award- winning singer, who is also an amazing songwriter, has consistently written the best gospel songs that have stayed with people and brought them to Christ. He is without a doubt, responsible for the majority of popular songs that get people dancing in Ghana.

Nacee spends as much time as he can recording songs in the hopes of producing the best one possible before releasing them out. And ‘Aseda’ is no special case.

You stand by listening to Nacee’s ‘Aseda’ song and your feelings continue to rise, and simultaneously pushes you to continuously express gratefulness to God Almighty; and also have trust that God will do it at the time you’ve almost given up.

And of course, your immediate tears shall be your Glory Story!.


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