The Interesting Story Of How The ‘Smart’ Kings Were Also Outsmarted By An Embassy

Ideally, when a King is traveling from his country to another, he is constantly flanked by a couple of his elders and the people who matter in thejourneyu. But due to voracious idea of some travel agents who mastermind the King’s trip, they try all ways to include more people to the King’s escort, as though they are also Sub-chiefs.

This is to beat the official process and to bamboozle the consulate. In the no so distant past, a comparative story occurred at the Netherlands Embassy, where one of Ghana’s eminent Kings (name withheld) was going for an important meeting in Amsterdam. Obviously, the King had only a couple of his people, but the travel planner had to add about twenty people to the King’s group.

These people had to move alongside the King to the Netherlands Embassy for Visas prior to leaving for the trip. Slyly, the purported Sub-chiefs had to be pushed in the vehicle right to the premises of the Netherlands Embassy.

On arriving at the Embassy, they were asked to change over and put on their beautifully woven cloth to imply that they are for sure, Chiefs who are part for the escort of the main two Kings. While changing over their dress into their kingly cloths, much to their dismay that there were cameras everywhere.

Historically, This Is Ghana’s Most Patronized Event As Far As Tourism Is Concerned

At the office, the consular looked at them and smiled. He dismissed every one of their applications with exemption of the main two Kings who were formally permitted to go on the trip.

The consular (who is a white man) told them in the face that, as far as he is concerned, a Ghanaian King doesn’t wear or change his fabric openly – a custom that isn’t acknowledged, especially in Ghana.

As informed as the consular seems to be on the traditions, culture and customs of Ghana’s majesty, a King dresses well from home before appearing in public, and not the other way around. The Visas of every one of the ‘squeezed’ twenty people were all dismissed, but were fortunate they were not arrested for fraud and impersonation.

The question is: Are these eminent Kings mindful of every one of these dramas that circumvent them? Investigations are that most of them are very much aware of everything but put a blind eye to the arrangement. Indeed, a portion of the Chiefs even add their family members to their group. But the truth of the matter is, some of them really go through the right cycle of securing a visa.

However, some chiefs couldn’t care less, yet consistently push in people for their trips.

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