They Had A Beautiful Journey, But Racism Was A Major Challenge!

The Jackson 5

The Jackson 5 were a definitive R&B boyband, who were famous with their first four Motown singles (I Want You Back, ABC, The Love You Save and I’ll Be There. They topped the US charts in 1969 and 1970, which was at the time, exceptional.

Their music was an irresistible blend of R&B, soul, funk, and pop; with their dance schedules a synchronized satisfaction. They appealed similarly to black and white audiences, and their songs are timeless.

The Jackson 5 were drafted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 1997, as well as being seemingly the world’s famous and successful music family.

Despite the fact that, they engaged the white audience excessively, Marlon (one of the Jackson 5 members), says they actually came face to face with racism en route. According to him in a recent interview, they confronted challenges with regards to racism issues including discovering that, their music was destroying racial boundaries.

At some point, someone wrote a letter to the Jackson 5 saying they had been transported off to an all-white school and it was truly irksome for them. Furthermore, they said what made it change for them with the white children is that the teacher gave them a project to expound on their #1 music group, and most of them expounded on the Jackson 5.

The Jackson 5 is without question, is one extraordinary music group compared to other ones to have existed. Unmistakably, the brothers would have gone an extra mile in their music career, if not for the exit of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop music. Subsequent to leaving for his solo career, Wacko Jacko, as he was sometimes called, became bigger and bigger leaving behind his brothers.

Michael Jackson was bigger than his brothers after leaving for a solo project

The famous and bigger he became, the less interest the world took in the brothers’ aggregate work. By 1971, aged 13, Michael Jackson had successfully had a best five hit in the US and UK with ‘Got To Be There’. At 20, he released ‘Off The Wall’, which sold more than 20m copies; and at 24 came Thriller, still the biggest selling collection ever.

According to Jackie (one member-Jackson 5), Michael became one of the most recognisable faces on the planet. To deal with that level of fame must be near impossible. Michael Jackson was always working on his – dancing and honing his craft. Accordingly, if Michael just stepped outside, in a couple of seconds people would stop doing what they are doing and %100 focus on him. And that’s why he started wearing disguises.

It is 12 years now since Michael passed on at age 50, and “I never stop mourning him,” Tito said. “Even going to the local grocery store you see people who recognise you and they say: ‘I’m sorry about your brother.’ The hardest part for me is healing from that sadness.” As for his legacy, Tito says the music takes care of that. “Michael is a legend – people aren’t going to forget Michael Jackson.”


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Jackie says Michael is still ever-present. “Every time I go into Vegas on the bus I see Michael next to me. His whole face is parked next to me on a billboard. I stop at a light and I say: ‘What’s going on, brother?’”

Marlon feels the loss of his old road warrior acutely. “I just miss hanging out with him,” he says. There will probably be no time that he is more keenly aware of his absence than when they tour later this year, performing all the classics that Michael sang on in their heyday. Now, at least, they can perform without having to run off stage after five songs because they are being mobbed.

Speaking on how the feel on stage during a performance, Marlon Jackson said:

“You can walk on stage and you don’t feel like doing the show,” Marlon says. “But the moment you hit that stage everything just lights up, and it’s like you’re shot out of a cannon. It’s showtime.”

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