Everything You Need To Know About Luciano The ‘Jah Messenger’

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Luciano has been singing since 1993 and deserves all approbations

Reggae music is well known globally for its unique style and the churn out of the patois language. Patois is a Jamaican Creole language essentially dependent on English and African dialects but additionally has impacts from Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi. With this combined with reggae music, it just makes it commendable tuning in.

Ostensibly, one of the greatest composers of this genre of music is Luciano. As a Jamaican second-generation roots reggae artist, The ‘Jah Messenger’ as he is famously known, has been an astonishing singer, songwriter and an instrumentalist since 1993 when he came into the scene. Luciano whose real name is Jepther McClymont OD is a devoted Rastafarian with such a great amount of energy for his stagemanship.

The 57-year old Reggae whiz has without a doubt, paid his obligations in the music business both in Jamaica and the world. Luciano’s great vocal capacities has been extremely conspicuous in the reggae and dancehall music genre, with his verses promoting cognizance but avoids vulgarism and profanity.

Luciano’s performance hasn’t been baffling at all, as he pulls the audience to his show whenever he moves up the stage. In 2001, he exhibited a glittering show to the people of Gambia in Africa.

The people were such a great amount in affection with this reggae star that, they ‘cried’ for his rebound. So in 2010, it was a circling rumour that Luciano was given a landed property for a living residence in the Gambia by the President, Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammeh.

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Luciano has played out everywhere throughout the world with his band particularly in the Caribbean nations. One of his tunes that is exceptionally celebrated, ‘It’s Me Again Jah‘ traversed the length and breath of the world, probably because of the lyrics of the tune.

Luciano’s lyrics are viewed as perfect and has thusly urged other Reggae artists to come clean as far as the genre is concerned. He even went to the degree of reprimanding other Rastafarian reggae artists who record melodies with terrible verses.

Luciano thinks if this issue isn’t amended, other young and forthcoming artists will lose focus of what the genre is about.

As an extremist, Luciano is battling for the decriminalization of marijuana. Notwithstanding, he is of the view that the legitimization of the hemp isn’t criminal and that we ought to illuminate people of the herbal properties and the advantages that can be achieved from it, but not necessarily about smoking it.

Ending on a somewhat awful news, Luciano’s child was stabbed to death in Jamaica in the early months of 2016.

Being in the music business for a long time, Luciano has done himself the significant privileges to release more than twenty Albums including:

Moving Up – (1993)

One Way Ticket – (1994)

After All – (1995)

Where There Is Life – (1995)

Messenger – (1997)

Sweep Over My Soul – (1999)

Live – (2000)

A New Day – (2001)

Great Controversy – (2001)

Serve Jah – (2003)

Visions – (2003)

Serious Times – (2004)

Jah Words – (2005)

Child of a King – (2006)

God Is Greater than Man – (2007)

Jah Is My Navigator – (2008)

United States of Africa – (2010)

Write My Name – (2010)

Rub-A-Dub Market – (2011)

The Qabalah Man – (2013) VPAL

Zion Awake – (2014)

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