The Justification For Why Rapper Sarkodie Is Cold Towards People Now Revealed

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has had a few discussions around him with respect to his cold disposition towards people particularly his industry colleagues.

Not only that, but there has been numerous charges against the multiple award winning rapper of being closefisted.

As a matter of fact, some foreign artist including, Yemi Alade, Freddy Meiway and a couple of others have also complained about his unapproachable nature.

In response to this, the Rapper has made a dazzling disclosure about why he doesn’t keep people around him which has prompted allegations of being unapproachable and what not.

Sarkodie says, he’s just protecting himself from enemies. As indicated by him, anything he does is consistently for his own protection!

Sark shared a post on social media talking about his decisions to protect himself.

“Y’all don’t know why you can’t get close to the boy… I keep a tight circle for my survival,” he said.

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