The Launch, Warning, Issues And More About McDan Aviation..

There is an approaching problem between Ghana Airport Company and McDan Aviation, which could be drawn out for a long time. Under normal conditions, the two organizations would have cooperated to improve the aeronautics industry, but sadly this may not happen.

The Ghana Airport Company Limited (ACL) disapproves of McDan Aviation and the manner in which the organization is running Terminal 1 at the Kotoka International Airport which has recently been transformed into a personal luxury plane parlor.

On Friday January 28, McDan Aviation inaugurated a private jet terminal at KIA, an office, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDan Group of Companies, Mr Daniel McKorley says is developed to open up the flying industry to push Ghana towards its fantasy about becoming a aviation hub in the West African sub-region.

But the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) has blamed McDan Aviation for flouting the set down system in the wake of acquiring its permit to work in 2019.

GACL brought up their worries in a letter dated January 27, 2022, a day before the booked date for the McDan Group of Companies’ private jet plane launch at Terminal 1 of KIA.

Regardless of a GACL order to cancel the event, the organization went on to hold the service on Friday January 28. Because of that, the event was not attended by the GACL officials, including other government officials and surprisingly the Minister of Transport, Mr Kwaku Ofori Asiamah.

McDan To launch Commercial Private Services With 3 Jets

Meanwhile, Mr McKorley, said the recently introduced private jet terminal at the Kotoka International Airport is to assist with putting the country as a favored location for investors.

He further expressed that, it would also create opportunities for mobility for investors seeking a business to close deals under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

Below is a copy of GACL’s letter

Request To Postpone Inaugural Ceremony Of Terminal 1 Private Jet Operations Scheduled For Friday, January 28, 2022.

The GACL has noticed with concern your disregard for the norms of doing business in the aviation sector which require strict adherence to safety and security rules. Indeed, you have engaged in several activities without prior approval from GAL which have typically called for emergency
corrective actions.

One major example relates to your commencement of construction of the private jet terminal without a Plan of Construction Operation (PCO) approval from GACL. We only became aware of your construction activities during routine security patrols, and we had to ask you to stop and submit a PC for review and approval before construction continued.

And then, we only received your request for logistical support for the inauguration including arrangement for parking and management of approximately 300 invited guests yesterday, January 27, 2022. The nature of our work demands that we should have been given a reasonable period of notice to enable us plan adequately through engagement of relevant staff and stakeholders.

Indeed, all attempts to meet with you for discussions in connection with the proposed inauguration over the past three days failed as a result of your failure to turn up for the planned meetings.

Meantime, security was heavily breached at the terminal on January 27, 2022, through the parking of several vehicles in front of the terminal building. What makes this disturbing is that beyond verbal admonition, we had written to you the previous day, January 26, 2022, to the effect that cars could not be parked there.

Given all the above reasons, GACL is unable to support the inaugural event at this time.

We therefore ask that you postpone the event until we iron out all the necessary issues and you prove to us that you fully understand and appreciate how things are supposed to be done in the aviation sector in the interest of safety and security.

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