The Mom Who Never Gave Up For Her Now Famous Son!

Kutilda Woods

Tiger Woods is an easily recognized name in the world. The Golf genius is one of the global icons in sports, who is recognized for his fantastic accomplishment in Golf.

All things considered, Woods’ incredible accomplishments wouldn’t have been conceivable if the parents, particularly his mom hadn’t been in support.

Obviously, every woman’s fantasy is for her children to be successful, and have an amazing impact in the public eye. However, not all guardians have it that simple. For Tiger Wood’s mother Kultida Woods, she has for quite a while been proud of his son.


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Kultida Woods who is additionally called Kultida Punsawad Woods, is a former Banker and Thai Social. Tiger Woods is ranked second in both significant titles and PGA Tour wins and besides, he is considered as perhaps the greatest holders ever.

The 77 year-old mother of the renowned golf player in the 21st century, has every one of the motivations to be happy and proud, particularly when his only son (Tiger Woods) is named among the richest athletes in the world.

Kultida Woods hails from Thailand and was born in Kanchanaburi, a humble community outside Bangkok in present day, Thailand.

Upon entering the world in 1944, she was named Kultida Punsawad and possibly changed from Kultida Punsawad to Kultida Woods when she got married to Earl Woods Snr, the dad of the acclaimed golfer in 1969.

Tiger Wood’s mum has her roots from Thai, Dutch and Chinese. Her parents were of blended race and this affected her when she newly settled in America where people of colour still suffered pockets of racism. But she had to manage and live there up until this date.

Kultida grew up under the religion of Buddhism, and has since been a part of that religious family up until today. She has even attributed her child’s prosperity to the worship of Buddhism.

In fact, Tiger Woods himself is also a Buddhist. Interestingly, Kultida named Woods “Tont” to conciliate her religion and Thai practices.


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Kutilda Woods grew up from a broken home, and so she based on that upbringing, and made sure her son Tiger Woods does not go through such experience. However, she took very good care of him, with the help of Tiger’s dad.

Little is known about Kultida’s parents, yet it is affirmed that she grew up with her mum and grandparents after her parents got divorced when she was a tiny bit of young girl.

Kultida is extremely attached to her son Tiger Woods, and consistently set aside time to go to the golf course to support Tiger Woods play in competitions.

Tiger Woods with the mom at a tournament

Kultida has been exceptionally compelling through her charitable activities back in her old neighborhood in Thailand, where she helps the less privileged through her schemes through her son’s –Tiger Woods Foundation. One of such is financially supporting poor children to go to schools in Thailand.

Kultida Woods was married to the then American Army Officer Earl Woods Snr from 1969 until his passing in 2006. Kultida was also filling in as a Secretary at the United States Army office in Bangkok.

Despite the fact that this was where she met Earl Woods Snr, she was already working there before he came in as a young official.

Kultida’s estimated Net Worth is: $800,000, with his son’s wealth being a contributory wellspring of her total assets.

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