The Moment When A Young Fan And Singer Caught The Attention Of Céline Dion In A Hotel

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Céline Dion has cut a specific specialty for herself so much that, the world over, she is adored by huge number of people for the positive reasons. Many aficionados of Céline Dion can’t control themselves whenever they see her even on TV.

On Wednesday 4th of March, 2020, Céline Dion was departing from the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown New York City. Quickly, she strolled into the back of a chauffeured van, with a lovely shades covering her eyes.

Shockingly, when she got into the vehicle, as usual, she chose to lower her window to bid farewell to her revering fans who had accumulated around to likewise feel her essence.

Remarkably, among the fans was a lifelong fan of Céline Dion who was a hopeful vocalist and a certified life coach! named Freida Solomon.

After observing Dion, she started singing one of Dion’s melody “I Surrender” which had been in her heart for quite a while. Freida Solomon belted out a rough eight-and-a-half-bars of the Céline exemplary as the diva immediately halted her driver to tune in the desiring songstress.

When Freida Solomon met the Diva, Céline Dion

It was a lovely scene as all the fans viewed on with sharp eyes. In fact, that video has been watched for a 90,000 times on Instagram.

Immediately Freida Solomon finished with her glittering vocal capacity, Céline gave the young lady a clench hand knock before basically saying:

“Thank you so much for that.” The campaign for Céline to play Jackson “I just wanted to take another look at you” Maine in the inevitable 2040 A Star Is Born remake begins today.

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