The Music Video That Got Several Organisations Protest Against It And Sought To Ban It


Music, they say is food for the spirit and because of that, it recuperates numerous people from different forms of issues. At the point when a good music is created combined with a beautiful video, it naturally sells itself.

18 years ago (2002), the tune – “All The Things She Said” by the duo t.A.T.u was extremely popular particularly the video which was all infectious and incredible, although tons of people was against it.

This 2002 classic was so iconic, you likely went through a large portion of the night with MTV booming in the background simply waiting that this video will come on.

t.A.T.u’s. tune was nominated on various music platforms, and furthermore won numerous honors including: Echo Award for Best Single of the Year (International) in 2004, MNET Asian Music Award for Best International Artist in 2003, and so on.

Somebody may ask: What could be the explanation for the “All The Things She Said” single tune, that got everybody adoring it in 2002.

“All the Things She Said” is a tune recorded by Russian music group t.A.T.u. for their second and first English-language studio collection 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane (2002). Released in Russia in December 2000, the English rendition was released as the lead single from the collection in Europe on 19 August 2002, by Universal Records.

It was composed by Sergio Galoyan, Trevor Horn, Martin Kierszenbaum, Valery Polienko and Elena Kiper, while creation was by Horn. “All the Things She Said” is an interpreted and revamped variant of their melody “Ya Soshla S Uma” (Cyrillic: Я сошла с ума; [ja sɐˈʂlə s ˈʊmə]; interpretation: “I’ve Lost My Mind”), remembered for their introduction collection 200 По Встречной (200 Po Vstrechnoy, 2001).

It was later included on for their compilations t.A.T.u. Remixes (2003) and The Best (2006). Although its original story was based on a dream Kiper had at a dentist appointment, manager Ivan Shapovalov evoked the theme of lesbianism in both this and the English-language version. Lyrically, it focuses on two girls developing feelings for each other.

Bits of the video

“All The Things She Said” is a Single by t.A.T.u. from the collection “200 km/h in the Wrong Lane”. The 3:34 minutes length song which is a pop rock alternative electronica genre, got lots of people talking.

The music including the video received blended reviews from music pundits: while some recognized the production and melodious substance, others considered it a contrivance and suggestive.

“All the Things She Said” reached at number one in several countries around the globe, including Australia, Austria, France, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

It additionally reached at number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100, the first Russian act to have a top 40 single and the highest placing for a Russian demonstration to date. Shapovalov authorized the accompanying music video for the single, which shows the gathering behind a fence in school regalia, trying to escape.

The music video caused extensive discussion in many countries since it delineated themes of underage lesbianism. Several organizations challenged the video and tried to boycott it, while some music stations eliminated the scenes including the young ladies kissing.

The song has been performed many times, including on many TV shows, along with a megamix rendition with “Not Gonna Get Us” at the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. It was also the first Russian music video on YouTube to receive a Vevo Certified Award for reaching 100 million views in June 2016.

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