The New Drivers Assistance System Instituted To Save Many Lives

By 2038, a mandatory drivers assiatance system is expected to help save over 25,000 lives. The new rules on general vehicle safety applies to all new motor vehicles sold in the European Union (EU) as of 7 July 2024.

By requiring all new vehicles to have a variety of sophisticated driver assistance systems, the rules, which went into effect in July 2022 and already apply to new vehicle models, will increase road safety.

Since 2022, when the General Safety Regulation began applying to new vehicle types, the new safety measures are assisting with bettering protect travelers, people on foot, and cyclists across the EU. Moreover, the rules are supposed to assist with keeping away from no less than 140,000 serious injuries by 2038.

Thierry Breton, the Internal Market Commissioner, stated:

“The EU is a world leader in general safety rules for vehicles. We ensure that innovative technology solutions can be used to improve safety on our roads. With the general safety rules now applying to all new motor vehicles, we will better protect passengers, pedestrians and cyclists across Europe, while keeping EU industry’s leadership in driver assistant systems ”

In addition, cars and vans should now be equipped with lane keeping and automated braking systems and event data recorders.

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These vehicles now require technologies for better recognising possible blind spots, integrated warning systems, and specialized tyre pressure monitoring systems in order to prevent collisions with pedestrians or cyclists caused by buses or trucks.

About the new assistance rules

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