The New iPhone 14 Is Set To Be Launched In September

Apple is unveiling its most recent iPhone 14, with the launch being streamed on Apple’s site. The organization is supposed to release four new iPhone models that will probably be known as the iPhone 14.

The organization says it will hold a press event on September 7 at 1 p.m. ET where it will officially announce the new iPhones.

Apple has held virtual pre-recorded launch events starting from the beginning of the Covid pandemic in 2020. They are also inviting people from all over the world to watch the launcg at its grounds in Cupertino, California.

Apple will perhaps announce new Apple Watch and AirPods models at the event. The organization is purportedly planning new Mac and iPad models too, yet those are at times announced at a different October event.

The four new iPhone models will have further developed cameras, and the more costly iPhone 14 Pro variants with a more expensive iPhone 14 Pro versions with a smaller pill-shaped cutout on the top of the device’s display, versus the “notch” that current iPhones have, and will include always-on displays.

Analysts will be closely watching the pricing of Apple’s new lineup to see if the company has raised prices during supply chain uncertainty and high inflation.

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Also, reports suggest that Apple could include a body temperature sensor in this year’s models for sleep and fertility tracking.

Apple also typically releases the new version of iOS for iPhones after its September event. This year, the software includes the ability to customize the phone’s lock screen and the ability to unsend or edit iMessages.

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