The New Nissan Models Have In-Car Sounds That Speaks To Drivers

Automobile brand Nissan has partnered
with global leading entertainment company Bandai Namco Group to change the way cars speak to us.

Sound engineers at Nissan have collaborated with specialists at Bandai Namco Group to develop in-vehicle sounds for new Nissan models, beginning with the 2021 Nissan Rogue and Pathfinder in the United States, the Nissan Note in Japan and the new Nissan Qashqai in Europe.

Bandai Namco Group is notable not just for creating computer game works of art like Pac-Man, Tekken and Taiko Drum Master, but also for amusement facilities, toys, and interest things like Gundam.

The group were along these lines, entrusted by Nissan to help make a better solid that uses pitch, beat and tone to get information across. At last, Nissan needed the ‘voice’ of its vehicles to have greater character and personality.


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As per Hiroyuki Suzuki, Nissan’s lead engineer for in-vehicle information sound design, they needed to make it more clear the information in the vehicle and give an enthusiastic tone so that people feel the Nissan brand.

According to Suzuki, Nissan teamed up with Bandai Namco to make sounds that can assist drivers with having a comparable natural understanding, as well as making sounds that will get inseparable from Nissan global models.

The vehicle cabin alerts will convey important information without distracting the driver. “Working with the Nissan team, he developed sounds that are both distinctly Nissan and functional”- engineer Takahashi from Bandai Namco said.

According to him, it’s anything but an intense process. He said:

“We stayed for days in this studio, had various discussions and went through trial-and-error with Nissan people from the sound engineering, product planning, design, and testing divisions to find out what kind of sound is suitable for the Nissan brand.”

Besides creating a new signature sound, Nissan engineers also had to consider the devices being used to emit cabin alerts. When they realized that the monotone devices commonly used would not emit the more layered tones that Bandai helped produce, they had to find a solution.

A new high-quality speaker fits under the dashboard close to the driver and is optimized for the new information soundscape in Nissan cars, making the significant warning sounds distinctive from the sound from the audio speakers.

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