The New Prime Minister Of Italy: Mario Draghi Is Optimistic To Change The Economy

Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi, who has been a private and public broker, market analyst, World Bank advisor and head of Italian Treasury, has been named as Prime Minister of Italy.

He now faces his most difficult challenge: ie. driving a sketchy Italian alliance government with the close to-unimaginable mission of improving a country that would not like to be changed.

The 73-year old Mario Draghi was confirmed as Italy’s new Prime Minister in February 2021, in the midst of high expectations that he can push through the blend of measures expected to launch economic growth and draw in truly necessary investments alongside financial help from the European Union.

Since the presence of Covid-19 pandemic, Italy has been heavily affected, with life expectancy declining and joblessness going up, debt and poverty also expanding.

The health crisis aggravated long-standing issues: many years of shoddy financial development, an undeniable degree of public debt, a wasteful and cronyist policy management and a monetary system that some see as underinvesting in the youth.

Draghi’s appointment was met with excitement from the global financial market sectors and the EU progressive system. The expense of-acquiring spread among Italy and Germany declined strongly on the news and international financial backers again started talking about Italy as a chance.

Draghi’s personal prestige aided him in assembling his team: a mixed bag of politicians and professional civil servants with strong credentials.

As the Prime Minister, Draghi is covetous to give Italian kids and grandkids a country better than this and more attractive than this.

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