The New Vaginal Silicone Ring Made To Protect You Against HIV

A South African organization is set to produce vaginal rings that will protect individuals against HIV. As indicated by AIDS specialists, this ought to ultimately make rings less expensive and all the more promptly accessible to everyone.

The Population Council in South Africa pronounced that Kiara Health of Johannesburg will begin making the silicone rings in the next couple of years, assessing that 1 million could be produced yearly.

The device discharges a medication that forestalls HIV diseases and are approved by almost twelve nations and the World Health Organization.

The charitable council owns the freedoms to the rings, which are presently made by a Swedish organization. Women in Africa currently have access to approximately 500,00 rings that were purchased by donors at no cost.

As per the U.N. AIDS office, the upside of the ring is that it gives women the opportunity to utilize it without any other person’s information or consent.

This them another option for women whose partners won’t use a condom or allow them to take oral (preventive HIV) medicines.

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Up until this date, HIV remains the main source of death among women of conceptive age in Africa with 60% of new contaminations being ladies, as per figures from WHO.

The ring currently costs $12 to $16, but experts expect the price to drop once it is widely produced in Africa. Developers are also working on a version that will last up to three months, which should also lower the yearly cost.

The ring has been approved by regulators in more than a dozen African nations, including South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, as an additional tool for women at “substantial risk of HIV.”

In its approval, WHO cited two advanced studies, stating that the ring reduced women’s HIV risk by approximately a third, while other studies suggested the risk could be reduced by more than 50%.

Meanwhile, activists have approached benefactors to purchase the silicone rings for African women.

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