The New Ways To Enjoy WhatsApp Status

Status is a popular WhatsApp feature for sharing brief updates with close friends and contacts. They can include text, photos, videos, GIFs, and other media and vanish in 24 hours. Your WhatsApp status, like your private calls and chats, is encrypted from beginning to end, allowing you to share securely and privately.

Status on WhatsApp now has a new set of features that make it easier to express yourself and connect with others, according to WhatsApp.

Private Audience Selector:
It’s possible that not all of your contacts will respond to every status you post. You can now choose who sees your status each time you update it with WhatsApp’s new flexibility to update privacy settings per status. Your most recent choice for your audience will be saved and used for your next status.

Voice Status:
Another new feature that you can record and share voice messages for up to 30 seconds on your WhatsApp status will be coming soon. If you feel more at ease speaking rather than typing your thoughts, voice status can be used to send more intimate updates.

Status Reactions:
Status reactions are being added to the instant messaging platform to make it easier and faster to respond to status updates from close friends and contacts. After Reactions launched last year, this was the most requested feature. Swiping up and tapping on one of the eight emojis allows you to respond to any status in a matter of seconds. Naturally, you can reply to a status using stickers, voice messages, text messages, and more.

Status Profile Rings for New Updates:
You will never miss a status from a loved one with the new status profile ring. When your contact posts a status update, this ring will appear around their profile picture. It will appear in the contact information, group participant lists, and chat lists.

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Link Previews on Status:
Just like when you send a message, you will now automatically see a visual preview of the link’s content whenever you post a link to your status. Visual previews not only improve the appearance of your statuses but also give your contacts a better understanding of the link before they click it.

The global rollout of these updates has begun, and they will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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