The Official 2022 AFCON Poster Has Been Unveiled

TotalEnergies AFCON Poster

The Confederation of African Football and the Local Organizing Committee has unveiled the competition’s poster in Cameroon on Thursday January 6, 2022, as the competitions moves close.

Representing football’s energy and enthusiasm – and its capacity to join across all colours and ideologies on the African continent – the Poster additionally gives recognition to the beautiful customs of the host country, Cameroon.

CAF is proceeding with the practice of making a poster that represents the competition and offers with the world, Africa’s strong message that their disparities advance them, their energy is something similar and like never before, football unites everybody.

The Poster is a representation of the famous trophy being lifted by hands of various colours and races, mirroring the genuine positive soul of football and underlining the message of solidarity and uniformity.

The host country, Cameroon, is represented both directly and emblematically, first and foremost by proceeding with the CAF AFCON custom of putting a star on the country’s location on the guide to show the host country.

Africa is a place that is known for energy and since football is, and remains a wellspring of energy and enthusiasm, Africa as well as the world will all meet up in Cameroon to celebrate the enhancing variety of the continent.

At long last, Africa is left with the imagery of the ‘Toghu’, a conventional Cameroonian cloth, worn by chiefs and notables, all kinds of people, frequently made of black velvet on which are hand-weaved patterns and enrichments with string of different colours.


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