The Perilous ‘Journey’ Of Whores: The Strange Stories Behind Their Job!

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Most women participate in this business (sex work) due to explicit reasons generally well known to them

As presumably the oldest professions in the world, it is also enpatroned by stores of people paying little psyche to social status or position. As a feature of my duties as a journalist, I was determined to plung deep into this topic to get some answers concerning the modus operandi of these sex workers.

Randomly, I got along with one of these master sex workers during a wedding service of a buddy. And in fact, there was no way anyone would see this woman is a ‘night worker’. Her appearance was essentially good and locks in.

Sitting close to her, I noticed she kept getting up consistently to meet people to exchange numbers pretty much at regular intervals during the wedding ceremony. I quickly had doubts about her but wasn’t sure until a call came through her telephone– when she gave the time and spot she will meet the said person. Conclusively, I familiarized myself with her and we became buddies onwards.

I was curious, and so I engaged her with a conversation and we had a wonderful talk even before she got her vehicle keys on the table and left. The said lady is quite an appealing and welcoming individual but straightforward and volatile.

There are quite an enormous number of young adults and even mature women who participate in this secretive business (sex work) due to explicit reasons generally well known to them. Some are due to poverty, rejection, early childhood sex abuse, mistrust, misuse and many other reasons.

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A bit of these sex workers have distinctly redesigned their typical usual way of doing things in what I call ‘S Class‘ level. Instead of straightforwardly introducing themselves to everybody all over town, they now work from homes much the same as online jobs.You essentially call them on phone and they choose where to meet you or the other way around.

They decide to reject the client subject to your picture shipped off them, and if you hoodwink them with a photograph that isn’t you vis-à-vis, you’re thusly blocked aside from the fact that you’re staggeringly wealthy.

These high class and run girls have rates for each sex escapade with a customer including other side business. Exceptionally, they have transcended to a level where they are used to signing documents to the advantage of people as their ‘spouses’.

Indeed, a portion of the wedded customers don’t want their companions to definitely know all of their business deals. Some big men even travel abroad with these sex workers to work together without the slightest idea of their real spouses.

As for my ‘buddy’, she disclosed to me she signed a real estate deal for a business executive. And her cut of the cash was tremendous, which certifies why she rides in the latest Range Rover vehicle. The ‘S Classers’ who are educated, get into various businesses for money including being in music videos of top musicians, etc other than their main sex jobs.

Beside all these, they experience a wide range of unsafe things that can end their sex trade. One of them is the means by which some spiritual leaders, businessmen and other noticeable leaders contract them to get hold of the semen of men they lay down with for a fee.

Now and again, their lives gravitate toward to the grave for reasons that, after the deal with these top businessmen, some of these men fail to pay them. And if these ladies complain, they are taken steps to be killed and covered clandestinely.

Abena revealed quite countless number of secrets that can’t be put around here. This situation affirms why sex jobs are accompanied with confidence and mental fortitude. There are many other horrible things that occur underneath sex working, but these women have no plans of leaving it soon.

Who Engage Their Services?

Ordinary people, wedded men, ministers, businessmen, spiritual leaders, real estate agents, politicians, doctors and a lot more are for the most part, clients to these workers. The perceptible ones among the previously mentioned have an extraordinary way they interface with these youthful delightful women – no one really knows.

Sex Jobs are spread everywhere throughout the world with Philippines once being the country with more whores however at a point, the government restricted that business in Philippines. As per statistics, there more than 42 Million prostitutes in the world.

Due to the unregulated and often illegal nature of the work, only estimates are available for the number of prostitutes in a country. The numbers for a country can vary considerably dependent on the source. Some countries’ numbers may suffer from poor methodology.

In other cases, results may be influenced by whether the organisation producing the numbers is for or against the nature of the work. Where available, figures are taken from Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS 2016 “Sex Workers: Size Estimates.”

In all of these, this is the where I show gratefulness towards my ‘friend’-whom I met at the wedding reception!. I am very thankful for the secrets and details, including a few other privileged insights revealed to me for publication. Abena!,–I am not condemning but be cautious considering the fact that the this job is somewhat risky.

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