The Perseverance Of Mona 4Real Is Doing The Magic For Her!

Mona 4Real

She has cherished music since her youthful days but couldn’t find her outrageous passion for it. She realized her real music enthusiasm in the wake of growing in the showbiz industry in Ghana. Mona 4Real lives her life simply like her name.

She spills it as it is, and cherished by numerous of her fans for her progression from being a social media influencer to being perhaps the most discussed new artist in Ghana.

Regardless the negative reactions and a touch of praises of recognition for her gallant move to being an artist, she can’t be bothered but continues onward. Weeks ago, she dropped a single tune called ‘Badder Than’, and this tune moved to number one on social media.

People thought the melody was quite a good one, especially when it accompanied an extremely lovely video. But after a Live radio performance, she began getting the backfire. Fans thought she performed terribly.

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Mona 4Real is currently pursuing her fantasies to be one of the best singers, consequently has set up a home studio to upgrade her career as a performer.

Hajia 4real, as she is also called, is the only daughter from a group of six siblings in her family. She is from the Northern part of Ghana, and is intensely working on her art to legitimize why she is passionate about music. Mona is the only girl of her Lebanese father. She is currently out with another one called ‘Fine Girl‘.

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