The Plight Of Head Porters (Kayayei) In The Wake Of COVID-19

They ventured out from Northern Ghana to the urban communities in Ghana to look for a place or condition that is more favorable or beneficial to them.

Since there are no employments in their domain back in the Northern locale of Ghana, the head porters tried to venture out to the different capital urban areas in Ghana to go about as Kayayei (head porters) to make their life a superior one.

Obviously, there a couple of jobs in the North, however can they contain the populace?

All things considered, the head porters who are dispersed in the urban areas of Ghana have consistently been of an enormous help to people who go to the market to shop but their baggage are that substantial that, they may require these head porters to assist.

They convey your heap with a charge to each destination of your decision but not so distant from where you find yourself.

Sadly, from no where, the COVID-19 pandemic showed up to the drawback of the world including these head porters. Lockdowns are as yet progressing as several countries have shut their country down.

Ghana is no exception as tons of organizations have been affected. Ghana joined the lockdown countries on the 30th March, 2020 and many were grumbling of what the predicament of entrepreneurs which includes the head porters prominently known as ‘Kayayei’.

Clearly, these private ventures can’t be contrasted with salaried workers as they would need to go out to work every day before they can eat. Well, life is very valuable than all other things, therefore the Government of Ghana had no alternative but to shut down the country partially.

That said, apart from the monetary deformities the lockdown will bring to the Kayayei, they likewise griped of where to rest since they usually rest at lorry stations and markets in the wake of their monotonous days work.

So in the event that you advise them to lockdown, at that point you ought to have the option to give them a better shelter during this period. According to them, they have no choice than to work if there is no legitimate sanctuary for them in the midst of the lockdown.

Strangely, the vast majority of head porters (Kayayei) have kids with them thus it makes the circumstance increasingly oppressive. In Africa, these head porters come in huge numbers as a result, if arrangements are not made for them, the pandemic will blaze up should its force be more.

In point of fact, The Kayayei have also added to the growth of numerous African economies since they additionally pay taxes apart from supporting their families back home in their villages. Some are even enlisted as home hirelings for some bustling corporate workers.

The lockdown has without a doubt affected every single little business around the globe and the expectation is that, with the safety guidelines given by the World Health Organization, it will be vanquished right away.

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