The Politics In This Industry Is Now Getting Out Of Hands- Sista Afia

Ghanaian songstress, Sista Afia has whined about how award schemes in Ghana treat female artists. Sista Afia says, a number of female performers in the country have given up to music because award schemes don’t lean toward them.

She feels the hard work of singers like S3fa and Gyakie deserve an honor since they did extraordinarily well in 2021. She further expressed that, the vast majority of the awards in Ghana depend on votes, and for her purposes, that ought not be the case. Rather, artists ought to be awarded on merit and deservedly.

Sista Afia beefed that, despite the fact that Award organizers are rewarding musicians, and also doing business, the sort of favouritism and ‘deals’ in the awards scheme is just immoderate, and ought to be stopped.

Sista Afia Deserves To Be Given A Big Plaudit!

All her frustrations emerged after the 3Music Awards 2022 at the Grande Arena ended without.. Besides her anger, she additionally complimented the CEO of 3Music Awards Sadiq Abdulai Abu and his team for an extraordinary event, which is again, a major talking point about the beauty of the ceremony.

This Is Sista Afia’s Full Post:

“In a country where award schemes are organized and doesn’t “favor” female musicians, you wonder why some female talents give up in this country called Ghana. 90% of the female musicians I came to meet when coming up in 2015 have all given up, the young ones too after me have started giving up already.

Don’t blame them, the politics in this industry, purely witchcraft. Only few are still relevant, I can count five or maybe 6 ladies. One female rapper I helped win her biggest award in her entire music career did media tour and downplayed my effort, the whole industry came supporting her and she forgot what I started, helped put her there.

Thing is, I wanted to warn her that all those praising her today won’t do that when the hype dies, but since she felt she was there, she enjoyed the hype and acted ungrateful, today I can confidently say she and her music all turn beans, where’s that industry support today? Last year Sefa was everywhere, is the industry saying if she doesn’t buy vote (airtime) she won’t be awarded? Scam. She held a successful concert in HO and myself together with other musicians were there to support the event. Yet they will go ahead and pick someone else.

As if women don’t matter in awards, pathetic Gyakie, this girl def need to pick up something at least from VGMA y’all can’t say you didn’t see her win in every angle. Both locally and internationally.

Sometimes fkkk the “vote for your favorite artist by using this short code” and give the award to who deserves it.I know sometimes it’s difficult setting up award events, dealing with artists managements and the stress in seeking for sponsorships, after all that stress, you want to make money too cos you don’t want your hustle to be in vain, that’s fine and understandable.

However, the thievery shouldn’t be too obvious. Yes it happens everywhere but sometimes sit down, assess issues and be brave to award who truly deserves it one love Ghana music has a future.

And I must congratulate my dawgment husband Sadiq Abdulai Abu and his able team for what they did at the just ended 3Music Awards’22, this will def go down in our history books forever”

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