Mercy’s Contribution To The Movie Industry Is Incredible!

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Mercy Asiedu Agyemang Duah

You can label her as ‘wild’, but Mercy Asiedu is an actress with confidence and perseverance. She has been in the movie scene since 2005 and with diligence, she is one of the extraordinary on-screen characters in Ghana.

Despite the fact that, she usually act in a local language (Twi), she has on hardly any events, given her adaptability in other English films too.

Referred to by her fans as Asabea (a local name in Ghana), she has been in the movie business for over fifteen (15) years and counting. Mercy Asiedu, whose spouse has been supportive to her career has been extremely exceptional during these years in acting. She has won several film awards including best On-screen Character for the local division at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards.

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The Awards was the maiden edition for the movie industry. She furthermore won the best actress during the subsequent awards ceremony (The 2011 Movie Awards in Ghana). Mercy Asiedu has featured in loads of movies including “Abrokyire Bayie, Baby Face, Obi Yaa” and numerous other indigenous local films.

Besides, She didn’t relent on the above accomplishments, but rather proceeded onward in the production of delightful TV series’s including ” Sankofa, Abubro Kosua, Ahintasem” and several others. These projects showcase the indigenous cultural estimations of Ghana.

These engaging TV programs came into the scene just when the movie industry in Ghana came to a standstill at some point. Clearly, the film business is confronting a few challenges but Mercy Asiedu Agyemang Duah had an alternate plan.

She immediately hopped onto the scene with these fascinating, educative and engaging TV progrprograms which have in reality gotten the eyes of numerous watchers. For instance, ” Ahintasem” is a profound, keen and a superb story that has made a long stride in the movie industry. Mercy Asiedu Agyemang Duah is an adaptable actress with a dream to help make the movie industry in Ghana a superior one.

She is married to a Chief who has been a helping spouse by contributing both financially and spiritually to Mercy.

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