The Queen Was Just Tired Of Covid-19!

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has revealed that she was left extremely drained and depleted following her new fight with Covid-19.

The 95-year-old sovereign, who tested positive for Covid in February 2022, discussed her experience in a video call with staff at an east London clinic.

The Queen – – who is celebrating her 70th year on the high position – has gone through various medical problems as of late including Coronavirus. At a church service in October 2021, she used a stick in public for the first time in 2003.

Soon thereafter, she enjoyed some time off from regal commitment subsequent to going through a night in a central London medical clinic, where doctors did several tests and advised her to rest for a couple of days.

Queen Elizabeth To Mark 70 Years Of Service

Buckingham Palace declared back in February that the 95-year-old sovereign was languishing mild cold-like symptoms because of Covid-19 infection, but would proceed with light obligations at Windsor.

The royal residence recently affirmed both the ruler and her late spouse, Prince Philip, received their first dosages of a Covid-19 immunization in January 2021. And the Queen says, it was a truly an awful encounter.

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