The Risk Involved In Putting Phones Close To The Breasts

Traders have been advised not to put their mobile phones by their breasts. According to Patricia Sagoe, a public health nurse at the St. Joseph Orthopaedic Hospital, this would prevent breast cancer.

She was addressing market women in Kumasi, in the Ashanti region.

The high radiation that emits from the phone while they ring and vibrate truly affects the breasts, subsequently making it vulnerable to breast disease.

According to Mrs Sagoe, when a cell phone was joined to the breasts and a call comes through, and you receive it, the vibration directly enters the breasts and that could make the individual helpless against the infection.

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The Ghanaian market traders have subsequently been advised to rather place the phones in their bags for health reasons. Breast Cancer growth had been one of the major diseases affecting various women in Ghana as well as around the world.

The women have also encouraged to look for early medical attention when they see any sign in their breasts, and also take preventive actions seriously.

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