The Royal Family And The Monarchy’s Fight For Survival Continues

King Charles III and Prince William

Author and an expert Scobie has unveiled his new book, Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival. In an interview with London’s ‘The Times’ published on Saturday, November 25, Scobie declared that William, 41, is in “heir mode,” which furthers the divide between himself and his father. William “knows his father’s reign is only transitional … and is acting accordingly,” Scobie wrote.

King Charles III, 75, ascended the throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s demise at age 96 in September 2022. He commended his royal celebration in May 2023 with both William and Harry, 39, present at the ceremony. All through the first year of Charles’ rule, Scobie claims the two have become further separated.

“It would have been nice to see them come together on certain projects perhaps in the early years, to put on that united front, but they’re all working in silos,” Scobie revealed in an interview with ‘The Times’.

Other renowned experts, like Christopher Andersen, have an alternate assessment. As per Andersen who granted an interview back in July 2023,

“They’ve had to put up this united front against Harry and Meghan. They’ve been insulted by members of their own family. It’s been quite the ordeal for them, and I think that they kind of circled the wagon, so to speak. And they’ve come out of that with a stronger bond.”

In any case, the men generally don’t see eye to eye. Among their disparities is how they deal with Harry.

King Charles Receives A Crown In An Outstanding Event In Scotland

Interestingly, back in March 2021 during an interview, Meghan and Harry claimed that an individual from the royal family raised concern about the color of Archie’s skin before he was born. Charles spoke to the couple and they came to an understanding that the incident wouldn’t be mentioned in Harry’s book, Spare, or the Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan.

“The fact that [Charles] engaged in a conversation about it shows a lot more of a willingness to take some of these issues on than Prince William, for example, who has completely avoided talking to his brother whatsoever,” Scobie added.

The expert further claimed that William is “progressively OK with the Royal residence’s messy stunts and the subjects who dream them up” and has used his aides and allies in the U.K. press paint a negative picture of Harry over the years.

Scobie claimed that, lot of people don’t know, or within their industry have known but chosen not to report. He said it is just how involved William has been in many of the things that have gone out about his own brother.

Meanwhile, previous excerpts from Endgame revealed a source told Scobie that William is allegedly “convinced” that Harry has been “brainwashed” by an “‘army of therapists’” and therefore William says he “no longer even recognizes” his brother.

Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival will be released on Tuesday, November 28.

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