The ‘Scam’ Alert That Led To A Genuine Business With American Singer Beyoncé

Laolu Senbanjo

Laolu Senbanjo is a Nigerian artist who never dreamt of working with American music Superstar, Beyoncé, but it happened like ‘lightning’.

As an artist, he was continually expecting to reach a more extensive people, so he would be perceived as one of the best artists in Africa and the world over. So when this opportunity popped up, the 38 year old grabbed it quickly, despite the fact that, from the beginning it looked like a scam.

So this is how it all happened.

In 2016, Laolu Senbanjo got an email asking him to work with Beyoncé, but he overlooked it, feeling that, it was one of those Nigerian scams. But, he was all the while holding tight close and standing by to check whether they would request that he pay some money.

At last, the person responded again – and it ended up not being ‘one of those’ tricks but a genuine job that has to do with making body art for Beyoncé’s 2016 visual collection “Lemonade.”

This was Laolu Senbanjo’s biggest break of his career. He immediately moved to New York City to seek after his passion, and even changed his name to- – Laolu NYC or just Laolu.


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Laolu Senbanjo is a magnificent artist who uses anything, or anybody, as a canvas. Regardless of whether it’s a shoe, bottle, or anything, Laolu’s unmistakable brush strokes are sought after.

He has built up his skill over the long run, and can draw on anybody. His style of art is called – ‘Afromysterics,’ which implies the secret of African idea pattern. The art depends on exceptionally complex images, which she calls them pictographs from Yoruba folklore.

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