The ‘Songbird’ With Lots Of Potentials To Be Great!

Naana Blu was only playing around a Cover from highlife star Kofi Kinaata’s popular melody ‘Things Fall Apart‘, and after that piece, she fell into the pot of music. From that point forward, the songstress has never looked back.

Naana Blu has released sever hit tunes with the last one called ‘This Is Highlife‘ doing very well up until on this date.

The melody composed by Naana Blu to celebrate all the top Ghanaian highlife hotshots (both dead and alive) who paved the way for new artists in the music game.

Naana Blu has a lovely and refined voice that effectively draws in anyone who pays attention to her music for the firs time.

Obviously, gone are the days when people pay attention to music with an ear that only focuses on the beats and instrumentations.

Presently, the accentuation is fundamentally on the voice behind the music before any other thing. Plainly, Naana Blu has that blessing that has held her up until this point.


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Before coming into the music scene few years go, she figures how tough it was, particularly taking a gander at the top females in the competition.

However, Naana Blu had the option to leap forward with her first official single ‘Afehyia Pa’ (Merry Christmas).

She followed up with other hits tunes including: You Dey Do Yourself, Ohia, Pressure, and others, which at last settled her down in the Ghana music industry.

Naana Blu is relied upon to satisfy hopes beyond what she can envision, since music intellectuals deduce she has all that it takes to be probably the best songstress. Indeed, she is profoundly appraised to be on ‘top of the stepping stool’ in Ghana.

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