The Sparkling Exterior Of Bentley Motors’ First Residential Building

In the year 2026, there will be a new development along the Florida coast near Sunny Isles Beach: the gleaming exterior of Bentley Motors’ first residential building, which is perched atop a skyline filled with luxury condos and hotels.

According to a spokesperson for the project, Bentley Residences is currently planned to be the tallest oceanfront building in the United States at approximately 749 feet.

The 63-story building, designed by Sieger Suarez Architects, the same firm behind the upcoming Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami, will have 216 units with expansive ocean views, a large amount of amenities, and an elevator that will take residents up to their doorstep while they are still seated in their cars.

The president of the architecture firm, Charles Sieger, stated,

“People buy single-family homes so they can have their car parked in their garage, so they can get up and walk into their unit. You really can’t do that with high-rises. So we’re trying to break that mold.”

The nearby Porsche Design Tower, which was also designed by Sieger Suarez Architects, is where the patented vehicular elevator system known as the “Dezervator” first appeared. It is named after the developer of the building, Dezer Development.

Each of the four lifts has a hydraulic system that uses RFID tags to automatically load each vehicle with the driver and passengers inside onto the elevator and then directly to their floor. The lifts rise at 800 feet per minute. The world’s thinnest skyscraper has been completed, and its interiors are remarkable.

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Sieger Suarez, the designer, stated that this project was inspired by the Porsche Design Tower, which opened in 2016. Both aim to replicate the advantages of single-family homes in a sky-high tower, such as ample private outdoor space and in-unit garages, by adapting the brand’s vehicles’ finer aesthetic details to residential complexes.

Each apartment’s “garage” in Bentley Residences has room for up to four cars and can charge electric vehicles. In addition, there is a private, heated swimming pool and a full kitchen in the enormous outdoor areas of the units.

The building’s design is based on the recessed diamond patterning in car interiors. The exterior of the tower is made of reflective glass triangle panels that look like diamonds and are three inches deep.

In the meantime, Bentley’s distinctive design is also reflected in the condo’s interior. Bathroom faucets, for instance, have the grippy texture of car metal shift knobs, and the house is decorated with high-polish finishes, textured leathers, and shades of deep walnut.

Even though the shared amenities span a whopping 20,000 square feet and include restaurants, bars, a fitness center, a spa, a game room, a movie theater with seats that look like those in a Bentley, each condo also has a lot of amenities that make life easier. The master bathroom has a sauna, views of the Atlantic Ocean, and a huge balcony with a private heated pool and outdoor kitchen.

The majority of apartments lack particularly usable balconies, and some outdoor areas are “about half the size of the unit.” Even on the highest floors, it is partially enclosed by glass to keep the wind out.

Despite the fact that the building won’t be open to new residents for the next three years, units are already being sold, with prices starting at $5.25 million and two penthouses selling for more than $30 million each (or about $60 million as a unit). This spring, construction is expected to begin.

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