The Story Of Abrafoô: How They Give Up Their Empathy And Humanity To Kill

A Chief is one of the regarded characters in the world. As a matter of fact, in some parts of the world, they are profoundly given that veneration so much that, some of them are given the mandate by the people to govern the country.

Their discourses and commands travel far and are genuinely obeyed by the people. However, in some parts of the world particularly in Africa, the Chiefs are constrained by traditions and values. Much the same as the constitution governs a country, the same way if a Chief rules an empire, it doesn’t allow them to stomp all over the traditions and values.

There are numerous clans and empires in the world managed by different rulers, yet under severe monitoring by the customary law. Several years back, in certain powers, similar to the Asante Kingdom, when a King passes on, probably the most bizarre thing that happen is what encompasses his death.

This is where everybody including children seek total isolation, for the explanation that, anybody seen outside during the period of the Chief’s death will be used as a penance for the King’s entombment. Several years ago, children were the most casualties to these awful but conventional law.

In the Akan language in Ghana, the killers who are known as Abrafoô (executioners) , are by conventional laws given the command to perform such coldhearted acts mandated by the traditional leaders and led by the fetish priest (locally called Komfoô in Ghana).

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I recently had a conversation with the cutting edge sorts of Abrafoô, and the disclosures made by him was wild. Incidentally, I wouldn’t have had the option to do same, if this man was the old and wild killers back in the days. He clarified what it is really like to end someone’s life on the orders of a Chief or King.

As indicated by him, they have no option to disregard the values and traditions of the land, therefore have to do as such.

Indeed, prisoners who are charged with murder had the right to be punished with their own lives, however Abrafoô’s case is distinctive as they end the lives of innocent individuals for rituals during an entombment service for a dead Chief. The casualty is executed and the head is utilized to send off the dead Chief.

As indicated by him, they don’t panic in any way nor fear for their lives because they are also spiritually protected. In fact, they do not have trouble sleeping, or even develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

On culmination of the execution, they cover the body subtly without the cognizant of any individual while the head is used for the purpose of the ceremony.

So the question is: does the laws of a country influence conventions by any stretch of the imagination? It’s peculiar how an Obrafoô will give up some of his empathy and humanity by doing this sort of job.

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