The Story Of The Bee Gees: What Happened?

The Bee Gees

Bee Gees have since 1958 and mid 1970s engaged the world with their calming voice on satisfying songs. The three brothers ( Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb) were simply large and in charge during their dynamic days.

The Pop, soul, disco, rock, and soft rock artists were fantastic entertainers who pulled in large number of people any time they hold a show. Their clairvoyant performance was mind boggling, as fans chimed in every one of their tunes.

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The musical trio released unimaginable collections including: Saturday Night Fever, One Night Only, Bee Gees Greatest Hits, Spirits Having Flown, and some more.

Following quite a while of engaging the world, one sibling of the triplet Maurice Gibbs tragically passed on. He tragically surrendered to a fiery heart infection in 2003.

Rumors had it that, Maurice passed on with his heart enormously debilitated from long periods of cocaine misuse. Unfortunately, after the ‘downfall’ of Maurice, Robin additionally followed up passing on in 2012 aged 62, some years after his twin Maurice passed.

This was a horrendous experience for Barry Gibbs, who turns out to be the only surviving member of the Bee Gees. Interestingly, Barry Gibb, says he now and then “hears and sees” his late brothers.

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Bee Gees was known for their popular tune ‘How Deep Is Your Love’, of which other inspiring tunes like: More Than A Woman, To Love Somebody, I Started A Joke, You Win Again and some more, were equally hits.

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