The Teen Who Just Made History In The World!

Momiji Nishiya

In the midst of COVID-19, the 2020 Olympics fell off, and as at now, some athletes have effectively ‘bagged’ gold medals, with one of them being Japanese teen Momiji Nishiya.

She is just 13 years, yet has already taken gold women’s street skateboarding at the ongoing games in her country of origin. She outperformed Brazil’s Rayssa Leal, who is also 13 and 16-year-old Funa Nakayama, also from Japan.

Nishiya, who becomes one of the youngest ever Olympic champions, moved into the gold medal position with her fifth and last trick in Monday’s final. Her score of 15.26 saw her leapfrog Leal (14.64) and Nakayama (14.49).

The heats – which, like the final, saw riders scored on two 45-second runs and five individual tricks – topped by the three skaters who might ultimately remain on the platform, despite the fact that it was Nakayama who at first drove the way with a score of 15.77.

As the eight best riders progressed to the final, the stands started to top off with the athletes’ partners and a developing number of media people.

Momiji Nishiya in the middle

The 13-year-old skateboarder lived up to her reputation, taking off through the air when she contends in the park event.

She is the most youthful ever summer Olympian, who is now positioned well in the world. Her Olympic capability completed a motivating rebound story.

Nishiya, with her colleagues – Leal and Nakayama all had a chance to take gold with their last tricks, yet Nishiya, who is Japan’s second Olympic hero in skating after Yuto Horigome’s triumph in the men’s road contest on Monday – was the sole rider to land one.


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For 34-year-old Sablone – more than twice as old as every one of the award winners – skating’s Olympic shade raiser was an obvious indicator of how the game has developed among young women.

Throughout the years, skating’s impact has been felt across numerous social circles, including music, art, and fashion; some would contend that it is too wide-coming to be recognized simply as a game.

Momiji Nishiya has quite recently won a gold decoration, making her the youngest person at any point to win a Gold Medal. Prior to this accomplishment, In 2019 at the Summer X Games, she represented her country, and started getting ready for this year’s Olympics Games.

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