The Top Scorers At Australia & New Zealand 2023

Hinata Miyazawa, Kadidiatou Diani, Lauren James, Jill Roord and Sophia Smith are among the forerunners of the Women’s World Cup top scorers.

Of the five favourites for the adidas Golden Boot, two haven’t scored, one has one goal, one has two, and though another has an unsurpassed four, her nation is already out. It has left a spellbinding shootout in store. As at now, these are the top leading scorers.

Top goalscorers:
Hinata Miyazawa (4 goals)
*Alex Popp (4)
Lauren James (3)
*Ary Borges (3)
Kadidiatou Diani (3)
Sophie Roman Haug (3)
Amanda Ilestedt (3)
Jill Roord (3)
Mina Tanaka (2)
Thembi Kgatlana (2)
Riko Ueki (2)
Hildah Magaia (2)
Sophia Smith (2)
Jenni Hermoso (2)
Alba Redondo (2)
Rebecka Blomqvist (2)
Fridolina Rolfo (2)
*Wang Shuang (2)
*Arianna Caruso (2)
Hayley Raso (2)
Esmee Brugts (2)
Lindsey Horan (2)
Linda Caicedo (2)
Steph Catley (2)

  • * Indicates the player’s team has been eliminated.

Stats Of Each Player:

Hinata Miyazawa from Japan
8 shots | 5 on target | 4 goals
One goal every 58 minutes on average

Kadidiatou Diani from France
13 shots | 7 on target | 3 goals
One goal every 89 minutes on average

Lauren James from England
5 shots | 5 on target | 3 goals
One goal every 73 minutes on average

Jill Roord from Netherlands
15 shots | 7 on target | 3 goals
One goal every 99 minutes on average

Sophia Smith from USA
9 shots | 4 on target | 2 goals
One goal every 137 minutes on average

Bookmakers’ favourites at start
Alex Morgan – 5/1 or 6.0
Sophia Smith – 7/1 or 8.0
Rachel Daly – 14/1 or 15.0
Sam Kerr – 14/1 or 15.0
Alex Popp – 14/1 or 15.0
Esther Gonzalez – 16/1 or 17.0
Jenni Hermoso – 16/1 or 17.0
Alba Redondo – 18/1 or 19.0
Kadidiatou Diani – 20/1 or 21.0
Alessia Russo – 20/1 or 21.0

This is based on best prices at the start of the tournament.

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Facts And Figures:

Marta, who was 21 at China 2007, is the youngest recipient of the Golden Boot. The oldest is Megan Rapinoe, who had just turned 34 when she collected the prize at France 2019.

Four No10s have seized the Golden Boot: Michelle Akers, Sissi and Marta and Homare Sawa.

No9s have claimed two thanks to Sun Wen and Birgit Prinz. A No11, No13 and No15 have taken one apiece thanks to Ann Kristin Aarones, Celia Sasic and Rapinoe respectively.

Akers holds the record for goals at one edition: 10 at China 1991. No other player has managed more than seven goals at a FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Brazilians, Germans and Americans have won two Golden Boots apiece thanks to Sissi and Marta, Prinz and Sasic, and Akers and Rapinoe.

Three captains have won the Golden Boot: Sun Wen in 1999, Sawa in 2011 and Rapinoe in 2019. By contrast, only two of the 28 Golden Ball winners at the FIFA World Cup were squad captains: Leonidas in 1938 and Harry Kane in 2018.

No player has ever won a Golden, Silver or Bronze Boot in their own country.

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