“The Truth Is, Ghana Spent More On Covid Than Grants”

John Boadu

As per John Boadu, the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (the ruling government’s political party), the government of Ghana has lost tremendous amounts of cash to COVID-19 compared with what it received from donors.

Speaking on Starr FM, Mr. Boadu uncovered that the figures accessible make the government weak, adding that the government actually incurs costs because of the pandemic.

He said, the issues of COVID-19 come in two aspects, yet comparatively the income lost and expenditure of the government offset donations from the IMF and others.

Mr Boadu said, the impact of COVID-19 was higher and greater, and if you take income deficiency in the year 2020, it was almost fourteen billion Ghana cedis (GHC14 Billion).

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If you take COVID-19 expenditure alone, this is an extraneous item. Because without COVID-19, the government have nothing like that as part of our expenditure for the year, he said.

He further said, the mix of only that two in the year 2020 alone is 24 billion Ghana cedis. Furthermore, if you set up all the monies that the government received as donations from IMF and that large number of spots, it doesn’t add up to the 24 billion.

The General Secretary, added that Ghanaians reserve each option to demand accountability, but there are institutions mandated to expose any issue on the government expense.

“The negative effect is enormously more than the direct positive effect. The indirect effect is also huge the government lost a lot of revenue and it continues to lose as we speak now. So there is no argument at all as to the impact of COVID on the entire economy”, he said.

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