The Williams Sisters Have The Finest Dance Moves In The Court

Serena and Venus Williams

It’s been some time since we saw world tennis star, Serena Williams in the court. Indeed, even before the dangerous worldwide pandemic showed up, Serena was lost for labor reasons.

As a matter of fact, a huge number of fans are ravenous for tennis match-ups and are restlessly sitting tight for ‘that day’ to come.

All things considered, before all tennis activities were postponed, the American tennis star had superb minutes in the court with intriguing scenes you couldn’t imagine anything better than to see.

Indeed, during competitive games including exhibition ones, she disregarded everything to put on her dancing shoes after each game. She reliably showed her astounding dancing abilities on numerous occasions.

Interestingly, her sister Venus Williams also joined Serena in presumably the Dancing competition between two top stars.

In one of the videos, Serena was by all accounts capable in dancing as she was given hot competition by her sister, Venus.

Serena (left) and Venus Williams (right) having fun during the exhibition match

The two sisters danced their hearts out during an exhibition match where they were on inverse sides of the court.

Serena and Venus Williams were in a middle of a doubles’ game before Serena out of nowhere began dancing. Her sister chose to join the enjoyment to prove to her sister who is the better entertainer.

Meanwhile, the official day for the start of the WTA tour is planned for July 13th, 2020 after the cancelation of the Wimbledon.

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