The World Is ‘Soaked’ In Black Sherif’s New Tune ‘Soja’

Black Sherif (Blacko)

Soja‘ was really not the tune he considered releasing, but unquestionably, the song has become a web sensation to Black Sherif’s shock. ‘Soja’- which is a beautiful storytelling tune, is the most recent release by Sherif making all the commotion everywhere due to its excellent arrangement and inspiration behind it.

Black Sherif has by and by made it happen, and as lucky as he is, the spotlight is on him now. Since he burst into the music scene in Ghana, Sherif has demonstrated by all standards that he is an unadulterated talent who is in the music business to leave a unimaginable imprint.

His breakthrough song ‘Second Sermon 1&2’ which were released in July 2021, had a monstrous impact, then followed ‘Kweku The Traveler’, which also depicted his tough journey through to success.

Now, Black Sherif is out with another profound and staggering tune ‘Soja‘. Not surprisingly, Sherif is enjoying massive plaudits for the song all over the world, with several other colleague musicians giving him the praise.

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The 20 year-old singer has consistently produced tunes that connect with the new age and, surprisingly, even the old. That has worked for him once more, and ‘Soja’ is no exception. Since the release of this tune, it has all around been received by pretty much every listening ear.

The composition, poetic lyrics, arrangement and, the sound quality of ‘Soja’ makes it one of the best tunes moving at this point. Apart from these, Sherif’s catchy hooks, and choruses have earned him a large number of fans who can chime in.

The inspiration in ‘Soja’ is massive, thus has gingered the feelings of many people. Obviously, the award winning artists means business, but for the now, until something comes up Black Sherif and ‘Soja’ ‘runs’ the game.

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