The World Should Take A Lesson From Coronavirus And Unite After It Ends – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Indeed, even before coronavirus ends, the pandemic would have taught the world so many lessons.

One of the people who accept the world should turn out to be progressively united after coronavirus is media magnate and global icon, Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah made this attestation when she welcomed fans into her home (for all intents and purposes) Friday night 1st May, 2020, for a spiritual conversation.

The “Call to Unite” spiritual session which was sorted out for coronavirus purposes, featured the event’s coordinators, Timothy Shriver, Bishop TD Jakes and Eckhart Tolle.

Toward the start of the event, Oprah Winfrey stated: “I’ve had a lot of time to reflect what this moment means to us as a family and a community,”.

Eckhart Tolle who was invited, also said:

“When you experience adversity in your life it is even more important to be in the present moment,”. “If you do not, you suffer a lot … when you move to the present moment you might realize … there’s a lot to be grateful for in this moment.”

Winfrey and Tolle spoke more than 20 minutes and offered exhortation to those viewing:

“In this moment we have an opportunity to take a step forward as a collective consciousness,” Winfrey said. She added, “I am hoping we all come out of this more united … seeing each other as a part of the whole.”

The event had a few acclaimed individuals present including Julia Roberts, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Garner and some more.

The memorable event was streamed live on all significant social media platforms and ended on the 2nd May, 2020.

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