These Are The Reasons Why Most Armenians Were Tax-Exempted

Countries of West Asia, particularly Armenia, is one of the nations that people talk about for tax reasons. Armenia is a hilly country with a delightful culture, north of Georgia and south of Iran and Turkey. After you find out about culture, obviously you ought to expect that magnificence is an addition in Armenia. The strange thing about this “pink city” is that its old structures are made of volcanic rocks.

On the topic of tax collection, researchers have revealed that, the former Soviet republic has just about a quarter of tax-exempt population. But, a few people connect this tax exemption with religion.

Armenia has a rich Christian history, so a number of the populace from the onset believed that this could be the purpose behind this progression by the government to win the hearts of many. The Armenian State Revenue Committee specialists have evacuated this “heavy load” at the entryway of jobless individuals and trading enterprises.

On this basis, small or medium sized commercial establishments avoid tax payments. Experts strongly doubted the announcement of this tax-exemption by the government at that time, but after an investigation, they noticed it was a reality. The truth is that this tax-free system originated from a waiting government that was preparing to take control of a retired government in Armenia.

These tax-exemption were mainly for trade, and especially for agriculture, but large companies who were financially sound paid taxes in 2018. These payments were followed by a large number of newly registered workers and the amount of tax paid.

In addition to the tax-exemption, Armenia has for a long time, introduced a Chess Playing curriculum in elementary schools, which made it a compulsory subject in all institutions. Like mathematics, English and Science, no student can avoid chess as one of their main subjects.

For those of you who don’t know much about chess, this is a two-player board game that starts with each of the sixteen pawns, moving through the chessboard according to the rules set to blunt the opposing king. This is a game which was introduced to children in schools to make them very smart. Factually, the benefits of chess playing for children are huge.

Armenia is a beautiful country known by several religious sites, including the Greco-Roman Temple of Garni and 4th-century Etchmiadzin Cathedral. And one of the sites of the monastery is the worship of the Khor Viral Pilgrimage, which is located near a quiescent volcano on the other side of the Turkish border.

The land, which lies between two continents of Europe and Asia, is known as the unofficial border between the two continents. Geographers think it’s in a confusing place.

Armenia is not heavily rich but has managed to run its economy well. They are ranked 44th out of 180 countries, according to the 2018 Economic Freedom Index published by the Heritage Foundation. Armenia is the twentieth country among 44 countries in Europe. In terms of cost effectiveness, Armenia ranked 47th out of 185 countries in 2018.

Based on these statistics, the famous celebrities, the Kardashians, whose biological parts come from Armenia, would be proud of this. Because their father is a third-generation Armenian-American man.

Armenia is the only neighboring country where smoking is prohibited by law in public.

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