These Students Drove Several Kilometers With A Hydrogen Car. It’s A New Record

The Hydrogen Car used by the students

With just shy of one kilogram of hydrogen and Dormer Pramet tools, a group of students had the option to beat a Guinness World Record.

A new Guinness World Record was set in June 2023 by students from the Netherland’s Technical University of Delft who effectively drove a hydrogen vehicle 2,488.4 kilometers in three days without refueling. Incredibly, they accomplished this utilizing short of what one kilogram of hydrogen.

The accomplishment was formally acknowledged by Guinness World Records as the longest distance at any point covered by a hydrogen-controlled vehicle without refueling. This broke a past record, set by Toyota, of driving a hydrogen vehicle for 2,000 kilometers without refueling.

The visionary vehicle that was used for this accomplishment was designed and built by the Eco-Runner Crew Delft, a group of 24 students who arranged, built and tested the hydrogen-fueled vehicle within a year.

The group intends to inspire the car business and others to change to additional manageable forms of energy. Hydrogen, for instance, is an extremely appealing, clean fuel choice for transportation and power age applications as it possibly discharges water when consumed. It can be produced from a variety of resources including natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable power like solar and wind energy.

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Dormer Pramet, a Sandvik brand, sponsored the team by providing tools and expertise on how to machine the parts for the car. “It went very smoothly. It was much better than the old tools we were used to,” says Bas Geerts, Chief Vehicle Dynamics on the team, adding that they mainly machined aluminum.

“I think this project shows that our motto ‘simply reliable’ is very true,” says Jeroen Pieterse, Sales Manager Benelux & Switzerland, Dormer Pramet. “We already have the tools needed to accomplish something truly special and innovative. And, we make sure that we keep on innovating, so that we can continue helping to develop new technologies around the world.”

The project fits perfectly with Dormer Pramet’s strategy, purpose and shift to more sustainable solutions, he adds.

“Sustainability is one of our main strategic pillars and this project is really an example of this: a group of university students proves to the world that they can get a record-breaking achievement that can inspire a whole industry to become greener.”

Dormer Pramet has sponsored several projects to advance the efforts in fuel efficiency technology. Last year, the company provided tools and expertise to a TU Delft team that built a hydrogen-fueled boat. The boat landed in second place in contests for speed and distance.

The organization has promised to support TU Delft students once more, and said they are very pleased with the group of students and happy that they had the option to add to their success.

Meanwhile, the instruments from Dormer Pramet used to develop the triumphant vehicle include: Face mill, Drills, Left and right-handed taps, Grooving tools, and 2 mm ball nose end mill.

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