They Surmise Tiger Woods Can’t Play Again. This Is Why

In the recent past, Golf legend Tiger Woods was engaged with a serious car accident with his SUV vehicle that got him almost losing his leg completely.

The golf genius was hospitalized at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for quite a while prior to getting better weeks after.


Tiger Woods Responding To Treatment. Was Saved By Seatbelt

For every one of these weeks, Woods was very mute over the incident with respect to how everything occurred and the repercussions.

After all the frustrations and trauma he encountered, Tiger Woods has at last, spoken about the auto collision in February 2020, –and about his rehab and physical therapy.

Woods was severely injured after the Genesis SUV he was driving veered off the street around 26 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles around 7 a.m. on February 23. Woods sustained serious leg wounds because of the accident and is as of now recovering.

As indicated by the 45 year old Golf legend, he has previously experienced rehab process but his freshest one after the accident was more excruciating than anything he had at any point gone through.

Numerous individuals are in any event, contemplating whether he can even play Golf once more, but the golf player says: his therapy has been keeping him occupied. In fact, he does his schedules each day and exceptionally centered around his No. 1 objective at this moment, which is walking all alone again.

Woods suffered comminuted open cracks that affected his right tibia and fibula, which are the two long bones straightforwardly under the knee.

After the accident, specialists said there was no reason to believe Woods had been operating the vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs but rather crashed while driving at a dangerous speed for road conditions.

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As per the examination report by the California Highway Patrol, Woods was “acting in a manner consistent with someone suffering from shock due to having been involved in a major traffic collision,” after the incident. Woods’ right leg suffered traumatic injuries.

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