This Is Eno Barony: One Of Africa’s Best Rappers

Eno Barony

Take some time off, relax and tune in to American female rappers DaBrat, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and other legendary female rappers, and you can clearly presume that Eno Barony is on these digressions and could even accomplish more if she works more on her talent.

Eno Barony is a Ghanaian rapper who has been in the music space for a long time, and has been raising the ‘bar’ so high for rappers in Ghana.

In spite of her sexual orientation, Eno has musically battled with male rap ‘Gods’ in Ghana and has even beaten them to their own titles as rap champions. She is ostensibly one of the finest and greatest rappers in Ghana whose breath control, conveyance, turns of phrase, verses and stories are essentially eminent.

As a well known female musician and rap artist, one would have felt that, she would remain in her path ( female rappers) lane, however she similarly battles with hotshots in Ghana and beyond, and labeled as probably the best rapper.

Eno has performed at many big shows in Ghana as well as across Africa. Indeed, Eno refuted her faultfinders why she is a fine rap artist.

The Rap Goddess whose real name is Ruth Eno Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom, released her introduction single, “Wats Ma Name” and furthermore “Tonga”, the remix of the track “Tonga” by Joey B ft Sarkodie in 2014.

The Hip-hop, Afrobeats and Hiplife artist has been named by numerous music masters to be Africa’s best female rapper and can even oust the top male acts whenever given the opportunity.

Eno as of late, had a rap fight with another female colleague, Sista Afia in the music circles. Per the evaluations, Eno Barony “murdered and beheaded Sista Afia’s
” with a TKO. In fact, the last rap released by the Rap Goddess to Sista Afia was a lot for the artist, Sista Afia.

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