‘This Is Ghana Exhibition’: A Call To Buy Quality Products”

Saturday August 26, 2023 was the very beginning of ‘This Is Ghana Exhibition’, which took of in the country ( at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly forecourt) to reclassify the stories about indigenous product packaging.

The two-day event which closes on Sunday August 27, is a get-together of local SMEs, new companies, local organizations, and indigenous corporate bodies.

The trade work is offering a special opportunity for exhibitors to showcase local industry innovations, made-in-Ghana items, and local service offerings.

This year’s fair was organized by Citi FM and Citi TV, quite possibly one of the biggest local media station event organizers in Ghana. Individuals, private companies, loved ones gather here for an experience, while shopping and window-shopping as well.

The exhibitors have been grouped into two villages: Small Medium Enterprises villages and Ghana Enterprise Agency villages.

In order to entice customers, the dazzling array of products on display at this event are attractively packaged.

The atmosphere on the first day was surrounded with some jolting music, and proceeded as far as possible, to engage exhibitors, patrons and passers-by who might be attracted to walk into the forecourt to take a brief look at the things in plain view.

Under their various designated stands, ecstatic exhibitors who cannot wait to sell their goods and services to customers displayed their offerings.

Customers walk through the various stands to conduct “window shopping” and possibly purchase a few of the various items they consider fictitious for outings or that they need in their homes.

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Locally produced items that are shown on the different stands include dressing packs, grouped preparing, shoes of various sorts, caps of various shapes and sizes, beauty care products, and apparel among others.

Fortunately, food processing exhibitors, have guaranteed customers that there were no added substances in their items. Subsequently, the food in plain view are extremely substance free and 100 percent natural with no additives.

Clothing exhibitors also have their items been imbued with present day and modern sense to suit the various preferences of patrons or customers.

After the two-day event, they anticipated adding new customers to their clientele and expressed hope of making some good sales.

Citi TV/Citi FM offers patrons the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant showcase of authentic Ghanaian products and services at the biggest trade fair and exhibition.

The event is to promote and support, various Ghanaian products, solutions, and services from innovative agricultural practices, renewable energy solutions, manufacturing industries, and the ingenuity and resourcefulness of Ghanaian entrepreneurs.

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