This Is Ghana’s First Ever Creative Arts School For Children

Creative Arts School For Children With Talents

Ghana’s Education Minister Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum has revealed that his outfit has set up a Senior High School for creative arts to concede young pupils and students with outrageous talents that need upgrades for their future.


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As per Honorable Osei Adutwum, the school has effectively been set up in Kumasi, precisely in Kwadaso (a suburb of Kumasi). This school is exclusively set up for youngsters with the skilful creative art mindset or have the regular talents in drawing, acting, sports, music, painting, photography, model, expressive dance and a few other able fine arts.

So if a student with such tons of talent is in say, the Northern district or Cape Coast, the individual will be recommended to the school in Kumasi and afterward they take it from that point.

There are such countless students in different schools who wish to explore and expand on their talents as opposed to being compelled to study something they don’t care for, so the Creative Arts School will deal with every one of these issues and grow incredible talents for the arts industry in Ghana.

Eventually, Ghana will benefit from these gifts. In many parts of the world, such school are in bounty, and has created unfathomable talents for both country and the world.

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