Volta Serene Hotel – A Unique African Touch With Class!

The Brick facade is simply snappy and exceptional with a wonderful shading. The architecture accompanies an all-encompassing African atmosphere with an excellent wooden shed and rooftop. Volta Serene Hotel, one of the lavish hotel in Ghana, is situated in Ho, Volta area of Ghana in West Africa. The hotel has the premier desire of promoting spotless and excellent culture.

This exquisite 4-star hotel is a subsidiary of the First Sky Group and is operated by a notable hotelman cum tourism epicurean in Ghana. Volta Serene is a probable lodging situated on a slope called Kabakaba and is without a doubt one of the wonderful buildings in the area of Ho. It offers a lovely perspective in the Ho territory.

Nobody comes here without leaving with an outrageous fervor, reason being that, aside from the unruffled and life-changing climate, you are constantly welcome into the premises with a wonderful smell and expansive smiles from the staff.

The Serene Hotel is available to all, including businesses and recreation travelers and one of the benefit of this beguiling lodging is that you can enjoy an increasingly wonderful view from here. You also have the opportunity to visit the Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary inside strolling separation. Monkeys are common here, consequently you can also connect with them as they play in the habitat.

Geographical Data – Ho, Volta, Ghana

Ho is the capital city of the Municipal District and the Volta Region of Ghana. The city lies between Mount Adaklu and Mount Galenukui or Togo Atakora Range, and is home to the Volta Regional Museum, a church building, and a jail.

From Kotoka International Airport to Ho is (82 mi). Occupants of the district are comprised of Ewe, Adele, Nchumuru, Akpafu, Atwode, Lolbi, Tafi, Avatime and Akan (all are clans inside the Ho region).

City Name: Ho

Populace: more than 70,000

Language: Ewe

Area: Volta

Nation: Ghana

This is uncommon in many lodgings. The outfit’s van transports visitors in a slick and comfortable manner to and from the airport. Immediately you show up at Ghana’s international air terminal, you don’t have to hurry to discover the hotel’s bus services.

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Professional drivers will give you the best services you at any point wanted. Without a doubt, these drivers adhere to the guidelines while in transit to the lodging and back. Their demonstrable skill is essentially spot on. Volta Serene Hotel has the biggest parking spot for all guests.


Volta Serene’s accommodation is a world-class service that offers quality types of assistance to everybody, including love birds. Privacy is guaranteed and the accommodation of stay is a top need. Room pleasantries at Volta Serene are agreeable and won’t be lost. The roomy deluxe 150 suites incorporate wonderfully outfitted single, twofold, three and four manors. It is a mix of African faculties with exquisite interiors and beautiful blossoms.

On account of the predominance of white, beige and chocolate colours, the rooms and the whole structure are transformed into a remarkable structure in Ho, the capital district of Volta. Remote Internet service, a level screen TV and cooling are accessible for holidayers. Following a bustling day, guests appreciate great music at the Executive VS club and the well known Fafa pool.

Volta Serene Boasts of:

Beguiling Serene Village Homes

Official Rooms (Single Occupancy)

Select Twin, Aerial and Non Aerial View

Official Deluxe

Too Deluxe Rooms

Single Chalets

Junior Suites

Family Rooms (Adjoining)

Official Suites

Twofold Chalets

Two and three Bedroom Apartments

The Restaurant

What about a decent dinner after a long excursion away from the clamor and fomentations? The Volta Serene’s 24-hour café serves the best of local and continental food. Be rest assured to get a dinner whenever you request them. Furthermore, at whatever point you grab a bite, simply unwind and hope to be dealt with like a royal.

Events and Facilities

Because of the amazing services, Volta Serene hotel is constantly reserved for occasions. Visitors other than Ho and beyond the country prearrange extraordinary events. Expect nothing but quality assistance combined with the best courtesies one can discover.

There are conferences and banquet halls, a business centre, a wellness and fitness place, a pool, a housetop café, a bar and a dance club, a tennis court, a volleyball and tennis court, a climbing trail, room service, day by day cleaning and many more.

Awards for Quality Services

Volta Serene, one of the lavish inns in Ghana, has won various honors locally. In September 2016, the Hotel in Switzerland got the most noteworthy and top Quality Global Award in the world. Cognizant Organizers, Business Initiative Directions (BID) Group, a worldwide association devoted to coordinated practices and quality ideas, awarded Volta Serene Hotel with an – International Star Award for Quality to the Ghanaian claimed friendliness organization in the Swiss capital, Geneva.

This presentation was not accomplished by accident but by steady nature of quality administration. The inn is centered around practical quality help to support society in every other country and mainlands. Volta Serene Hotel sticks to the models and practices of the hotel business around the world. The honor is the most noteworthy universal honor accomplished by the outfit, since its origin in 2015.

This is because of the way that, for an organization to be given such acknowledgment universally by BID, the firm ought to have a place with a group of organizations or associations comprising of directors with remarkable vision, speaking to business enterprise, achievement and by and large quality in 179 nations around the world.

Visitor Reviews

To be recognized as a main travel spot, it is a smart thought to consider your guests’ evaluations as an estimation device. Since the establishing of the Volta Serene inn, numerous individuals around the globe have left tired bones. Their remarks show that notwithstanding a spotless loft, there is an amicable and accommodating welcome.

Many people who direct the security framework additionally bolster the hotel’s brisk security reaction. Other visitors also hail the scrumptious cooking offered by the expert chefs.

The Volta Serene Hotel is a spot that travelers should crave to visit. Come feel the Serene African touch in Ghana!

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