This Is How Beautiful The Lemon Beach Resort Looks

Lemon Beach Resort, Ghana

Ghana is one of only a handful of exceptional African nations with stunning touring, natural and beautiful spots. The country makes a considerable amount of revenue from tourism, subsequently the government is giving its all to push the agenda of elevating Ghana’s tourism to the world through its recently introduced ‘Destination Ghana‘.

Ghanaians have been encouraged by the tourism ministry to ‘sell’ Ghana’s natural tourism sights to the rest of the world. Considering this, the mission is currently ongoing.

All things considered, I got the opportunity to visit Lemon Beach Resort, in Ghana. This African chalet spot is a delightful place, with a tranquil and secured environment.

On appearance here, my love for the retreat uplifted. As a matter of fact, I simply intended to see the pool, but I ended up taking a visit to practically the entirety of their delightful spots around. It was an extraordinary experience.

Aside from the beautifully made wooden structures, the breeze that rustle around you is also exceptionally invigorating.

Lemon Beach Resort’s rooms are designed such that, each room has an excellent sea or garden view, including the porch and the washroom. Most of the villas here have sea views, and are nearer to the pool. Everything you need to make your visit to Lemon Beach Resort is available.

The rich food and the lovely garden are also an addition to the fun here. The family, kids, grown-ups, groups and each and every individual who wants to twist off or feel what nature is about can go on an outing to Lemon Beach Resort.

The Food: the Lemon Restaurant will fill your heart with joy and remain a significant one. Their Ghanaian foods are very healthy, delicious and tasty. They also have for you, special gourmet journey on the bar.

Also, Lemon Beach Resort Restaurant is notable for flavorful Italian style pizza, pasta, steaks, veggie lover and scrumptious local food varieties. Every one of the foodstuffs at the restaurant are purchased fresh each day for the cooking of delicious and healthy foods for guests.

After enjoying your healthy food from the eatery, you get to treat yourself at the Bar and Pool, where you additionally take some assortment of delicious mixed drinks, lagers, and so forth. The pool is 16 meters in length and in an eye-popping shape.

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The pool has kids /not good swimmers/zone and the quality of the water is checked for you several times a day.

Come and have fun, as you accumulate the energy from the sun. Even on the beach, you can just press the bell button close to your sunbed and the rest you can leave with Lemon Beach Resort.

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