This Is How I Made My Riches – Nhyiraba Kojo

Doing music was Rashid Joseph, Known in showbiz circles as Nhyiraba Kojo’s fantasy. Indeed, he released about couple of hit songs some years back including-‘All Qaeda’, ‘Turn Around’, ‘Yaayi’, ‘The Way You Dey Do Am’, etc. and made some monies out of them.

However, en route, his mother advised him to do get something more profitable doing in addition to his first love- – music. Truth be told, the mother pushed him to go gain proficiency in a handiwork, precisely get into dressmaking.

Nhyiraba Kojo was skeptical about getting into that job, but paid attention to the guidance of his mother. Unfortunately, that dressmaking business didn’t emerge for long. He at that point, went into commercial vehicle conducting (called Mate in Ghana) at a famous vehicle station called Kaneshie.

Nhyiraba Kojo

Born in Takoradi, in the Central region of Ghana, Nhyiraba Kojo had for a long while been itching to make money together with his music business. So when he acquired some monies from his music, he began investing into small businesses like Cold Store, and a few other profitable business undertakings.

That was the start of his wealth. Nhyiraba Kojo has clearly gone through the agony of getting rich, thus has built his own wealth, owning a 9 bedroom manor in Ghana, which is worth millions of dollars, a City Night Club, and other scattered houses which he gives them out for lease.

As per the philanthropist, he used just a year to erect his 9 room mansion. The artist is into numerous profitable businesses that brings in cash on a week by week and month to month premise.

Despite his riches, Nhyiraba Kojo has not officially quit music and has vowed to drop tunes for his fans soon. Due to his beneficent mentality and one who consistently shows love to enduring individuals, Nhyiraba has amassed some kind of following which include genuine followers.


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Obviously, in his current status, some people will pretend to be old buddies to him for favours but Nhyiraba Kojo is so much mindful of all these individuals around him. He has been of help to numerous individuals who are out of luck or in need.

With more than 22 Million followers on Instagram, larger part of them have profited from his wealth. Nhyiraba Kojo is assessed to be worth more than $2 Million.

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