This Is One Of The Biggest Fish Farms In Africa; And It’s Owned By A Ghanaian

Felix Hator (inset)

Mr. Felix Hator’s journey began in Ghana a long while back when his FH Group was established in 2008. With determination, which he figures spurred him to have auxiliaries of the organization included, SICOP Industries Sa FH Procurement Sarl, APM Sarl, Crista Ice and Hatfel Ghana Limited.

Every one of these organizations are completely enlisted under the laws of the Republic of Ghana and under the laws of their separate working domains. Be that as it may, Mr. Hator did not stop in pursuing his dream of expanding. He actually continued to push to cross the limits of his country.

With a consolidated experience of more than 12 years, FH Group of Companies have properly settled the relations among structure adjustment, technical progress and management enhancement and insisted on “three simultaneity”.

FH Group has over the course of the years teamed up with international companies in different limits with one of its subsidiaries FH Procurement being a sourcing company for TripleNine Fish Protein A/s in Denmark. SICOP is a major supplier of fish meal to the European market. Hatfel Ghana Limited is a sole distributor of Crest Oil products in Ghana.

FH Procurement Sarl is into export and import services. The company trade generally in frozen seafoods, fish oil and fish meal procurement around the world. SICOP is into production of fish meal, fish oil and frozen fish.

FH Gathering has embraced the upgrading technology content while increasing production capacity, and laying a solid management foundation while pursuing a rapid growth rate.

Mr. Hator and his team of directors have reliably delivered and provided a most extreme amount of top notch products and services to all sides of the world including Malaysia where they have laid out one of the biggest fish farms in the South East Asian country.

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The farm has a huge number of employees working on it consistently for their national and international customers who come in their numbers each day. They are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality frozen seafood.

The company also imports high quality frozen products for the Ghanaian market by offer a wide range of frozen products.

Mr. Felix Hator; the founder and CEO of FH Group of companies has strived to have this tremendous project come to live in Malaysia with the assistance of authorities of the country, whom they think Mr. Hator has a fantastic field-tested plan.

The accomplished and all round Business visionary, has made this significant investments including two in Ghana and three in Mauritania.

One man Mr Felix Hator should also give credit to is, Ousmane Djeiby Syn who is the Human Resource Manager of his company– FH Group in Malaysia. Djeiby Syn has a total of twenty two years in administration, and with a good knowledge of the Mauritian business environment.

The company deals in seafoods which includes Fish Meal (Prime & Super Prime), Fish Oil, the pelagic species like frozen mackerel, frozen herring and frozen salmon and more.

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