This Is The 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Nightshade

One year from now, Toyota will release its new edition of one of its hybrid vehicles Cross Nightshade. In this vehicle, you can express yourself through every detail. With unique black wheels, accents and badging to match, the company’s growing lineup of Nightshade Special Editions continues to make a bold statement.

The Highlander Crossover Nightshade keep everybody guessing with how the features will seem to be. The car will come with exterior accents including mirror caps, shark-fin antenna, rear spoiler, and window trim, and many other incredible features.

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The Hybrid Nightshade also has a rocker boards, back spoiler, Power outage badging and a few additional appealing features including bronze-completed compound wheels. Meanwhile, the Nightshade’s price hasn’t been made public at this point.

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