This Is The First European Airport To Establish A Complete Contactless Travel Experience


Frankfurt has become the first airport in Europe to provide a completely contactless travel experience to all of its passengers, using face biometrics as identification from check-in to boarding the aircraft.

As per a declaration by the Frankfurt Airport official site, SITA, a leading company in air transport communications and information technology, and Fraport are enabling all airlines at Frankfurt Airport to use this technology jointly.

Travelers can register ahead of time on their telephone by means of the Star Alliance biometric App or face to face at the check spots, with their biometric-enabled passports by using SITA’s Smart Path biometric innovation. After completing the registration process, passengers can pass the facial recognition checkpoints without presenting any physical documents, reports.

Frankfurt is the first European airport to offer all travelers a contactless and helpful traveler journey utilizing biometrics. Their objective for the next few months is to prepare no less than 50% of all registration stands, pre-security and boarding doors with the new and spearheading technology.

As per David Lavorel, the CEO of SITA, this technology will facilitate the necessary strides at the airport, permitting travelers to invest more energy unwinding as opposed to remaining in line.

With the introduction of this biometrics, more than 75% of travelers will happily use them. Furthermore, this will bring the advantages of a faster airport.

As at now, in excess of 12,000 travelers at check-in, boarding pass control and boarding gates are using this technology.

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In September 2023, Fraport introduced the world’s first walk-through scanner for passengers, aiming to increase the efficiency and convenience of security checks while respecting the same high-security standards.

The technology will be tested for a period of up to six months in order for the airport and Rohde & Schwarz to collect the necessary insights for the eventual changes that might be needed for the system to improve.

Fraport (FRA) is among the most jam-packed airports in Europe. In September 2023, roughly 5.8 million travelers went through this air terminal, representing a 18.2 percent growth contrasted with September 2022.

The Frankfurt Airport will offer trips to 242 destinations in 94 nations overall through 82 carriers this winter. There will be roughly 690,000 seats each week proposed to voyagers, a number 17 percent higher than that of the previous winter.

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