This Is The Reason Kenya’s Sofiya Nzau’s Song Trended Online

Sofiya Nzau

Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau’s remixed tune ‘Mwaki‘ became a TikTok sensation with a large number of people cutting to it on the App. The melody joined all Kikuyus and global fans everywhere.

The song trended for a really long time after the remix which is produced by international DJ, Zerb became a web sensation.

“Mwaki” is a Kikuyu tune that talks about a lady’s fears about her dad when he figures out she is married to a man whose standards are not what the dad wanted.

Originally, the song is for Sofiya Nzau but Zerb chose to add a beat coupled with some flavor to it as compared to the original.

Zerb is a Brazilian DJ and a producer known for his astounding melodic beats and exceptional melodic remixes on others’ tunes.

Interestingly, ‘Mwaki’ trended on TikTok because of how Zerb received all the acknowledgment for the song. But after heavy criticisms from the general population, Zerb chose to label Sofiya in one of his TikTok posts showing that she was the first owner of the tune and that he had quite recently done a remix of the song.

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In any case, regardless of the pressure from Sofiya’s fans, he actually hasn’t tagged her on YouTube and Spotify. A portion of Zerb’s fans don’t think she merits recognition since her version was ‘boring’ but he modified it so it’s his original content while Nzau’s fans feel the musician needs to be given her flowers.

Sofiya Nzau is a Kenyan performing artist and singer who is a mother, a spouse, and a Kikuyu performer. She has sung other hit songs like “Kyeta” but ‘Mwaki’ is the tune that shot her to popularity more.

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