This Is The Reason Why Neymar Jnr. Was Fined $3 Million

Brazilian officials have revealed on Monday July 3, that soccer star Neymar was fined 16 million reais ($3.33 million) for breaking environmental rules in the country during the construction of his seaside house in southeastern Brazil.

Local authorities first claimed late last month that the luxury project had broken rules about how to use and move rock, sand, and freshwater sources, which they later confirmed on Monday.

His home is situated in the town of Mangaratiba on the southern shoreline of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state.

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Environmental violations were committed “in the construction of an artificial lake at the mansion,” the environmental body for Mangaratiba stated in a statement.

Other than the fine, the case will be tested by the local attorney general’s office, the state civil police and environmental protection office, among other environmental control bodies.

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