This Is What Is Happening Between Harry Styles And The Son Of Michael Jackson. The Full Deets..

Prince and Harry Styles

Michael Jackson’s son Prince believes that his father Michael Jackson left a huge legacy as the ‘King Of Pop’ in music in the world. In this way, he isn’t content with how Harry Styles has been concurred that title without even a trace of his father.

The oldest son of the late legend recently spoke about his dad and declared that he had ‘spent decades earning that crown while Harry got it in a couple of years.’

While making a guest appearance on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ webcast, which was released two weeks ago, the 26-year-old producer addressed how Styles was named the King of Pop by Rolling Stone in 2022.

Prince revealed that, no current star compares to the late pop icon as an artist, if anyone, he named Beyoncé as the one in particular who comes the nearest to diverting his dad’s famous appeal.

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Michael Jackson died at 50 years old due to an overdose in 2009 when he was only 12 years of age.

According to Prince, Michael Jackson worked hard to become King of Pop before his sudden death, which added to his worries.

He said of the late pop star,

‘When he was getting ready during the rehearsals for ‘This Is It’, he would come home real late at night,’ he said about the late pop legend before adding that he also did not ‘sleep easily’.

‘He would come home [and] he’d be physically [looking] exhausted,’ he recalled.

‘He’d have a shake or eat a meal and go to working on music, go to his room, start writing or harmonizing, and melodizing to try and figure out another song,’ he continued.

‘There are people that came before my technology generation, and they had to work their whole life, their a**es off to get where they got to,’ he said while crediting his the previous generations of entertainment, including his father.

He also talked about how Michael saw himself as the ‘greatest of all time’ and guaranteed he was ‘bigger’ than his pop opponent, the late Prince.

He also said in the interview that his father has still recorded archival music that hasn’t been made public yet but is ready to be finished.

He made sense of that the music is made up of incomplete and rough clips because of the unique way his father created music.

‘When it comes to unreleased music there, what we have in our vault — as I’ve been kind of told — is a lot of really rough works in progress,’ Prince revealed.

‘So it’s a lot of little snippets of “he he” and stuff like that,’ he continued.

‘I don’t think my father ever learned how to read sheet music,’ he added. ‘So as a trained musician, it was really self-taught.’

Meanwhile, for the last eight years, Prince has been working on an upcoming biopic detailing his father’s legendary life and career.

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